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Laptop lid controller is designed to increase your laptop security
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Laptop Assistant is a program that lets you fine-tune your laptop behavior.
You can choose to apply different settings when your computer is connected to the power, or working using the battery. The users will be able to use several options if they press the right button of their mouse on the program icon that will appear in the system tray.

Through the "Lid Controller Options" the program will let you configure which sounds you want to play when you open or shut your laptop´s lid. It also allows to tell Windows what to do when you close your laptop or after a certain time. The system can be suspended, and your computer locked. All this will increase the security of the data that you have in your laptop.

Laptop Assistant allows you to mute your PC when it is locked, suspended, or while the screensaver is active.

The "Touchpad Blocker Options" will let you block your touchpad sensibility. This will prevent the programs to take any entry from the touchpad when you are writing. This is done to avoid accidental entries that could place the cursor in wrong places.

Finally, the Sleep Mode will let you put your computer to sleep after a time amount, saving your battery charge.

The evaluation version can be used for free for thirty days.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It is very easy to configure it
  • It saves you from many laptop inconveniences


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